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November 21, 2017
NGO Website Design & Development with Digital Marketing Services in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India
February 12, 2018
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Upkar Sansthan Trust is NGO based in Jaisalamer, Rajasthan, India, involve in all social services like help to needy people, polio, psychically handicapped, Widow Woman, orphan child. also involve in GO Sewa.

NGO Provide All service free of cost to our society. NGO Activity is free food distribution, bhandra, langer, and monthly ration giving to old age poor family, water supply to needy village, plantaion For environment, Its all possible throw our supporter n donor, Requested you to please join this family and make donation to more social works.

Your organization has been engaged in human service since last 7 years. Looking at the poor people lying on the sidewalk, seeing the children and the elderly in the winter, seeing the helpless while starving, the widow and the divorced, seeing them drooping in another’s house, by walking fast on the road, Seeing the dying, seeing the people bringing the water by walking 3 to 3 points on the head after passing the pedestrians on the head, seeing the disabled, seeing the old men stabbing them out of the house and seeing the old age Seeing Seeing go Dhasrm and cows walking hungry plight Road, it is that we do is a burden on the earth?

May I and you can not help us together. This is the view of many such people whose heart is disturbed by grief. If we are human, then we can put questions to it.

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